The Journey of a PC

Through Stone Recycling Services, we collect lots of IT equipment from schools, academies and colleges every year.

The devices collected are repurposed for social projects abroad and at home. One such project is IT Schools Africa. Since 2009, we’ve been a proud headline sponsor of IT Schools Africa. Our Compliance Manager Martin Ruston takes a look at how it all works:

1. Those wishing to arrange a collection use our online form. Our team internally then arrange for our vehicles to collect the hardware.

2. Once at Stone HQ, it’s processed and the potential for reuse is assessed. It’s vital for us to ensure that the hardware being re-provisioned through IT Schools Africa is of a good standard. We want to make sure it makes a positive difference to education.
3. Once a month, this  segregated hardware is sent to a UK logistics centre where the IT hardware donated by our customers is
put into a container with other donations of schools equipment.

4. After a journey by sea freight, charity representatives in Africa decide which schools to support with the refurbished hardware.



5. IT Schools Africa also has a teacher training and adoption provision to ensure that the devices are as impactful as they can possibly be in their new home.

6. When the hardware reaches the true end of its economic life, the charity take responsibility for collection and ensuring that adequate reprocessing happens in one of the very few reprocessing facilities ethically and environmentally approved by IT Schools Africa.

7. Back in the UK, the organisation donating the equipment will receive an annual certificate that they can proudly display within their organisation highlighting their fantastic contribution to advancing global education.

Who is IT Schools Africa?

IT Schools Africa is a UK-based charity with a mission to transform
IT education in Africa. As a sponsor, we collect surplus computers,
refurbish them and distribute them to schools in Africa.

So far, IT Schools Africa has:
• Sent 37,000 devices to help improve outcomes in Africa.
• Equipped 1600 schools with computer suites.