Mobile Device Management

Recent Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
schemes, 1:1 programs, blended learning
and extensive tablet rollouts in education
are reaching an all time high. Education
delivery has evidently changed.

Today, students have access to an array of mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. In every classroom, mobile devices have certainly made a positive impact on the education landscape.

By providing students with anytime, anywhere learning opportunities, mobile devices are able to improve motivation and productivity. Teaching methods have evolved to meet the latest needs of a tech-savvy generation. With many students owning a singular device that allows them to easily take lesson notes, access the internet, email, social media and a neverending app resource available at the touch of button; learning possibilities are made endless.

Schools that haven’t yet developed mobile device strategies will face challenges everyday in regulating and enforcing mobile device restrictions on-site. Given the recent changes to the educational landscape in using mobile devices in and out of the classroom, schools are tasked with discovering new and exciting ways to allow students to embrace an interactive learning experience. It’s essential for schools to remain on top of innovative tech trends and schemes like these to differentiate themselves and sustain contemporary learning strategies in this ever changing landscape.


Tablets are great in education for a number of reasons, but like most new technology trends, planning and deployment is key. From a management point of view, many tablets can come with consumer operating systems, meaning technicians can’t enjoy the level of security and management that they can with notebook and desktop PCs.

This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) plays a crucial part in the challenge of managing multiple devices. Successful MDM is applied in a controlled manner to ensure safety and security is not threatened for students, teachers and the school itself.

Institutions depend on their IT department for management, security and maintenance of all their mobile devices. And this is not an easy task due to the quantity and variety of devices brought in. Schools, academies and colleges must implement a secure Mobile Device Management system to keep security risk to a minimum.

Without MDM the logistics of having to update hundreds of devices for your students would cause a real burden to the IT department, not to mention unnecessary time and stress. Each device would need to be updated on-site, on every occasion. Fundamentally, every time a new application is required each device would require an update.


To combat this needless task, Mobile Device Management can curb potential security risks and operate low costs for the institution. The ICT department or administrator securely accesses all registered devices and performs a range of tasks.

MDM is no longer a choice but an obligation. It’s a solution to monitor, secure and administer usage of such devices across a school, college or university network.

There are a number of quality MDM solutions out in the market that schools can use:


+ Meraki – a fantastic MDM solution that comes free with their managed cloud wireless bundle, making a very powerful integrated solution that eases the IT burden.


+ AirWatch – the world’s largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider, which offers an incredibly feature rich platform. However, there’s a price tag to match.


+ MobileIron – taking the wider approach by including device, application and content management, a full solution for specific needs to cover all angles.

Things you may want to consider when implementing Mobile Device Management:

  • A device with a consumer operating system is ultimately managed by the person that is holding it in their hand
  • You may be managing a device that your school doesn’t own
  • Smart devices may come with a range of different operating systems to manage
  • Most mobile devices have cameras which can make some staff uncomfortable, which can be disabled if necessary
  • Is your Acceptable Use Policy up to date?

Teachers and students can work productively and efficiently to enhance the learning experience through mobile technology. Innovative approaches to using mobile devices are fast being adopted by many institutions. But what’s integral to the success of these schemes is the security policy that is undertaken to ensure safety and security throughout the school and at home, by teacher or pupil. Mobile Device Management is simple to use and lessens the burden for IT staff.

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