The Power of Touch

Today, 1 in 8 classrooms around the world have interactive displays. By 2016, 1 in 5 will. The UK is no different.

By 2016, schools will have more Interactive Flat Panel Displays than Interactive Whiteboards*.

So, why are interactive screens taking over the classroom?

Because they bring the classroom to life. With the evolution of learning, teachers no longer want to stand at the front and talk at the class, nor do students want to sit in the classroom and watch this. Fundamental changes to the teaching and learning process have meant that students want to be involved, interact and have their lessons tailored to meet their specific needs and interests.

As the technology we use at home evolves, so does our imagination.
Gaming equipment, used by a majority of the ‘net generation’, uses such innovative technology that capturing student attention in the classroom can be challenging. With 75% of 12–15 year olds having a gaming device in their own room**, the technology used within schools has a lot to compete with in order to capture imagination and attention to the same effect.

By introducing large interactive screens to the classroom, schools are able to best utilise the interactive experience for students. In addition to this, endless software options mean that creating exciting and interactive lesson content for the class to get involved in has never been easier. All with the same aim – to motivate students, increase class collaboration and increase their productivity.

Next generation learning

There are plenty of screens for schools to choose from and teamed with the right software, they can really transform a learning space into something unique. Take a look at some of our vendor suggestions that are ideal for schools:


The large format screens from Clevertouch are great for those wanting education specific software. The screens already come with fantastic software bundles including Lynx, Wordwall and DisplayNote. Lynx allows for teachers to plan, organise and deliver lessons. Wordwall offers easy-to-use fun and interactive quiz templates featuring endless topics. And DisplayNote; great for those wanting to use tablets in class and getting students to share content to the large screen, present and annotate.


The CTOUCH Leddura XT will let you easily introduce class collaboration during small group learning exercises or as part of large class activities using the 4 point touch surface. Because it’s powered with an OPS module, you

can also expect reduced installation costs, lower power consumption and no more loose components or unnecessary cables – helping make classroom life simple. The option of a sound bar

is available for schools that want to optimise the listening and viewing experience.


The ProLite TH6564MIS is perfect for the classroom because of the high quality LCD screen and anti-glare screen. This means that

all students will be able
to see the screen from anywhere in the classroom. Because of the solid and robust design, it makes it capable of withstanding daily classroom life. Staff
or students can also use a finger or stylus to be able to write, annotate, draw and present with ease.

Why upgrade to interactive touch?

  • Capture student attention
  • Encourage class collaboration
  • Enhance academic performance
  • Creative software packages
  • Sensory rich environment
  • Visual, Audio and Kinaesthetic (VAK) approach
  • Enhanced multimedia teaching
  • Creating inspiring leaning space